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24th Jan 2022

People on TikTok are using their kids’ pop-its to make chocolate treats

pop-it chocolate treats

Thanks to TikTok, we always seem to have a new foodie fad to test out.

From whipped coffees to baked feta cheese pasta, these past couple of years has seen a lot of food hacks go viral on social media platform. But this latest one might just be more delicious – and easy to make – than most.

If you have kids in your house, you also no doubt have a pop-it fidget toy or two too. These sheets of silicone bubbles are the latest fidget toy craze, and – as it happens – they are not only great to relieve stress (if that is what the kids are doing with them) – but can also become moulds for the most delicious chocolate treats.

Just watch:

@gracemarywilliams What color should I do next??? #popit #popits #popitchocolatebar #popitchocolate #trending #MACscaraface #tiktoktrends #tiktokchallenge ♬ original sound – gracemarywilliams

How to make pop-it chocolate treats

TikTok user Grace Mary Williams recently shared this video of how to make this yummy treat, and needless to say, it has been viewed millions of times already.

In the snap, she fills up the pop-it holes with  M&Ms – and then pours melted chocolate over it before putting in the freezer to harden.

Note: You can naturally also use Smarties, Skittles, Maltesers – or how about something a little healthier, like popcorn, nuts or dried berries – literally, all that is stopping you is your imagination!

Oh, and I would imagine you could also fill the holes with yoghurt and get a similar result with that!

“Oh my gosh it looks so good,” Williams says as she pours the chocolate, and adds “it looks so cool” when it’s hardened and she pulls it out of the bubble sheet.

She also tries again with one of the biggest Pop-its likely available for sale – and uses an entire packet of M&Ms to fill it up.

The beauty of this food trick is that the silicone allows for easier removal of the chocolate and don’t worry, TikTok user @procreate.ive4x recently reassured viewers that the Pop Its are easy to wash afterwards as well.

Now – who’s trying these RN?