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14th Jun 2020

The 2-minute shower hack that’ll give you healthy, gorgeous hair

Trine Jensen-Burke

hair hack

We are always on the hunt for the best hair products, you know, ones to give us Blake Lively-esque locks in an instant.

The thing is, we’re not entirely sure those actually exist (at least not as one, life-changing super-product).

The thing is, you yourself could be contributing to your hair acting less Blake and more bale of hay. How? You are probably washing it wrong.

If your ends are dry, but your roots get greasy rather quickly, you need to try this clever trick:

Instead of shampooing your entire head, only apply shampoo to your roots. Lather as you normally would, but don’t let the shampoo touch the bottom half of your hair until the very end. As you rinse your locks, the shampoo will quickly sweep over your ends, which will remove build-up without over drying.

On the contrary, when you condition, only apply your conditioner to the bottom half of your hair, as applying it to the roots can make your hair seem “heavier” and get that greasy shine quicker.

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(Feature image via Pinterest)