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28th Jan 2018

This couple took their wedding pictures in front of an erupting volcano

Simply stunning!

Orlaith Condon

Simply stunning!

When it comes to capturing the special moments in life, choosing the right backdrop is crucial. Yes, from those holiday candids to your milestones birthday, you want the pictures to come to life.

Well, one couple achieved just that when they picked the most unique location to capture their wedding pictures.

While many may choose to capture the moment in a field or on the waterfront, this couple chose to up the ante when it came to picking a natural background.

The Mount Mayon volcano in the Phillippines is predicted to continue to erupt over the next three months as locals have been told to find temporary shelters further away from the volcanic eruption.

However, one couple found the perfect place just safe from the eruption and captured some of the most mindblowing wedding pictures.

The pictures have quickly gone viral online and for good reason. The perfectly framed images are of Maria Maica De La Cruz and her now husband Arlo Gerald De La Cruz and we’re sure they’ll earn pride of place in their home together.

Many have shared the images online calling them “truly spectacular”.