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13th Jun 2018

The €40 Zara jumpsuit we have fallen deeply in love with

Jade Hayden


Look, it’s not every day that you’re innocently perusing the Zara website eagerly awaiting payday (only a whole month to go, guys) and see a jumpsuit you legit fall in love with there and then.

Usually, we just spend hours upon hours scrolling through jeans that would never look as good on us as they do on the models and shirts that absolutely will not close over our chests.

It’s a grim world we live in.

Except today is slightly better because we stumbled across this stunning little number.

Just look at it, like.

The bow detail, the shortness, the fact that it’s clearly actually a playsuit but Zara has decided to call it a jumpsuit so we’re just going with that.


The jumpsuit has a strappy V neck, an adorable bow detail at the front, and some gathering detail at the back.

Fun from every angle.

It’s only €40 quid too which really isn’t bad for a garment you’ll wear to work, to the club, to Tesco when you’re hungover from the club and in desperate need for a hot chicken roll.


Pair the jumpsuit with a denim jacket like below or just wear it out on its own, whatever you want.

Just remember to stick a bit of sun cream on.