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07th Aug 2018

Everyone’s asking the same question about Hilary Duff’s latest pregnancy pic

Jade Hayden

hilary duff

She looks great, to be honest.

Hilary Duff has recently shared a photo of herself chilling out reading a book with both of her kids. One of them is sitting on a sun lounger beside her, and the other is nestled inside her womb.

Both clearly very relaxed about the situation.

There is one thing though that people can’t stop asking about Hilary’s photo – where in God’s name did she get her swimsuit.

And we don’t blame them either if we’re honest. Like, just look how stunning it is.

It’s got everything; it’s black, it’s flattering, it’s got decent sized straps, and cute cut-out on the bottoms. Ideal scenario.

We do have to admit though that we don’t know where Hilary got her swimsuit so we’re just going to have to keep wondering with the rest of the world.


One thing we do know though is that Hilary is expecting a baby girl some time later this year.

The mum-to-be announced her pregnancy last month to delighted fans with an Instagram post declaring that herself and boyfriend Matthew Koma had ‘made a little princess’ of their own.

The singer is already mum to six-year-old Luca from a previously relationship.