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02nd May 2020

Hands super-dry from all the washing? The two-ingredient DIY treatment that will help

Trine Jensen-Burke

DIY treatment for dry hands

Is your skin suffering with all the washing and scrubbing and harsh alcoholic hand sanitizer?

Same here.

Luckily, we recently came across this cheap and incredibly effective beauty hack – and had to test it out, of course.

The best bit? You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen already. As in; all you need is raw honey and sugar.

Raw honey, as you may or may not know, has intense moisturizing powers and is antibacterial (great for cuticles), while sugar is used to gently slough your dry skin and return it to a state of smooth.

Here is what you need:

3 Tbsp raw honey
1/4 cup sugar
2 plastic bags
2 hair elastics<


Mix the raw honey with the sugar until well combined. Apply generously to your hands, paying especially close attention to your cuticles. Cover each hand with one of the plastic bags, securing the bag around your wrist with the hair elastic. Let the hydrating scrub work its magic.

For deeper hydration, cover your plastic-wrapped hands in warm towels. After 15 minutes, wash your hands with your favourite facial cleanser (hand soaps can be too harsh). Pat your hands dry and follow with hand lotion (or a dab of coconut oil for an all-natural solution).

Now, who is ready to hold hands tonight?!