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04th Oct 2018

Kate Middleton loves these Zara jeans and you can get them for €30

Cathy Donohue

Kate Middleton’s €30 Zara jeans are proving very popular.

The Duchess of Cambridge made her first public appearance after maternity leave on Tuesday and there was a lot of talk about her rather fab hair.

It’s not often we see Kate in casual clothes but the royal engagement involved a nature walk so on this occasion, she dressed down in jeans and boots rather than the usual attire of a dress and heels.

If you’re a fan of her jeans, you can pick them up for yourself and they are going for a song at just €29.95 from Zara.

I personally find that the stitched detail on the knee is super flattering as I have a similar pair from River Island and I just adore them.

I definitely plan on picking up a pair and if you’re also a fan, have a look for the ‘Z1975 Zipped Jeans’, a bit of a mouthful I know.

Kate is a big fan of these jeans and has had them for a while, wearing them at an event in 2017 so you can tell that they are personal favourites.

Hers are brown and these €30 Zara jeans are green but you know what they’re pretty similar and we’re happy about that.

This isn’t the first time she’s worn Zara either as you’ll see here and here, now excuse us because we’re off to buy a pair for ourselves.

€30 Zara jeans