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10th Feb 2018

It looks like you could soon be able to rent furniture from IKEA

Keeley Ryan

It sounds like a dream come true.

But the ability to rent furniture from IKEA could soon become a reality.

The flatpack furniture giant recently previewed their plans for the program – as well as buy-back scheme – as part of their sustainability initiative.

IKEA chief executive Jesper Brodin spoke about the company’s plans at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last month.

According to The Telegraph, he said that customers don’t always feel the need to own the products now – and are worried about the impact that disposing furniture would have on the environment.

On the program, he added:

“You build in an economic incentive, you build in a consciousness with consumers that they don’t have to own it, but own this collectively in the world and recycle it.”

Interest in the program depends on the region, according to Brodin.

He said:

“So we are testing radical solutions. There are very different levels of interest depending which city you are in.

“So in London, for example, there are a lot of people who commute and they are not interested, with passion, in building a second home, so rental there is more interesting.”

The Swedish furniture giant are currently testing out the program in Japan, where the buy-back program lets customers sell their sofas to IKEA for recycling.

The company is currently working to to fight waste and become a more circular business, designing products “so they can be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold or recycled in any other way”, said Peter van der Poel, IKEA’s managing director of range and supply.