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04th Oct 2020

Mrs Hinch has a fake tan hack to stop your sheets turning orange – and it’s shockingly simple

Trine Jensen-Burke

Every single one of us who wears fake tan on the regular will know this conundrum.

WhileI love having beautifully golden limbs, I am also a bit of a freak when it comes to bedlinens, and will only ever sleep in white ones. As in – no patterns, no colours, just whiter than white – and very hotel-style.

I have developed a bit of a system, as I always change all the bed sheets in the house on a Friday, I now tan on a Thursday evening, meaning, when I wake up on Friday and the sheets have turned a bit orange, I know I am stripping the bed to wash them anyway.

However, what if there was an even better way? What if there was a way of preventing orange sheets all together?

Luckily cleaning guru Mrs Hinch, who has built an impressive social media empire thanks to her nifty cleaning hacks, has revealed a clever trick to save your sheets from orange stains.

The cleaning influencer, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, recently took to her Instagram stories to let her 3.2 million Instragam followers know about the amazing tip, which is bound to help fake tan fans everywhere.

She said: “I thought I share with you a little tip I came across on the internet.

“Once you’ve fake tanned, you get an old bed sheet and you sleep in it, as mad as it sounds.

“You literally get into it and sleep in it and get into bed as normal, it stops any fake tan getting on your bed sheets.”

The 30-year-old gave fans a glimpse of the £8 single duvet cover from eBay she was sleeping in for the evening.

She also joked as the said she had to explain to her husband, Jamie, that there would be no cuddles while she slept in the ‘sack’.

The mum-of-one, who is famed for her spotless home, reckons the hack is well worth trying – and honestly, I am totally going to give this a try this week!