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23rd Feb 2016

No More Bad Hair Days EVER With This Genius Gadget

OK, admit it; we have all had those mornings when our roots are so greasy they are just a tad too far gone for dry shampoo.

But you just don’t have enough time to wash and dry all of your hair before you have to be on your way and out the door.

Ahh! What to do?!

Ladies; salvation is here. The genius PonyDry is the product you have been waiting for that will help revolutionize your morning routine.

This clever little beauty gadget consists of a sleeve that wraps around your — you guessed it — ponytail, leaving just your roots exposed so you can lather up your hair like it’s short, leaving all the rest of your locks totally dry. Mind. Blown.

And then, after you are done scrubbing and rinsing, take the PonyDry out and style your hair. Voila, how easy is that?! And with just your scalp wet, your dry time should be cut drastically cut down.

This seems like a star buy to us, especially is you have very dry ends yet a somewhat oily scalp, or if you work out frequently. In terms of preserving your colour, we would imagine the PonyDry would also be a Godsend, as it allows you to essentially washing just your scalp, leaving longer time between every time you have to wash the ends.

And while dry shampoo certainly can get rid of greasiness along your roots, if you’re spritzing it on multiple days in a row, your scalp can accumulate buildup. And the more dry shampoo you apply to your roots, the more your strands can look dull, and even dusty.

What do YOU think, girls? Must-buy or not?! Join the beauty conversation with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie