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25th Apr 2018

Not for us! Holly’s latest outfit is a look you’ll either love or hate

Cathy Donohue

We’re just not feeling this outfit.

Let’s get one thing straight, we have a lot of love for Holly Willoughby and keep up with her goings-on via social media.

However, that said, when there’s an ‘ootd’ we don’t like, we’re not going to pretend either and we have strong feelings about the TV presenter’s latest look.

For today’s This Morning, Holly is wearing a forest green lace skirt from Zara, although it doesn’t appear to be on the website yet, and a blouse from 10 Store.

The overall effect is just too fussy for us and it seems Holly’s followers agree, with one even describing it as a ‘marmite’ type of outfit.

People said it’s one you’ll either love or hate and others said that the mum of three can pull it off but it’s not a look everyone will appreciate.

One Instagram commenter wrote “good grief, not together” and we have to agree that while the two items might work separately, they’re not ideal when worn together.

This was the general consensus with most people saying that they hated the matching ensemble.

Most seemed to favour the blouse over the skirt with a few describing the Zara piece as “terrible”.

Another person said it was up there with the “worst outfit ever” and asked if the stylist’s budget had been cut.

What do you think, are you a fan?