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16th Feb 2017

THIS is how often you are meant to throw your bra out and buy a new one

Cathy Donohue

According to one lingerie expert, your bra has a specific shelf life.

Yep, that’s right.

Of course, now you’re wondering how long before binning said bra and the answer is six months.

This information comes courtesy of Sharon Webb, Head of Lingerie Buying and Design at Debenhams, who revealed the rather interesting tip in conversation with OK Online.

Having researched the matter further, this seems to be the standard recommended shelf life with Victoria’s Secret stating:

“A poor fitting bra can wear out very quickly, allowing Straps to stretch and the underwire to become exposed.  That’s why we recommend a fitting every six months”.

It’s important to remember that how often you wear the bra plays a part too.

Your ‘good’ bra that only comes out on special occasions will last longer but your everyday t-shirt bra needs to be replaced regularly.

Now, that’s you told, mamas. Time to hit the shops, we think!