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08th Jul 2018

Organic baby clothes? Here are 7 online stores we totally adore

Trine Jensen-Burke

Why choose organic for babies?

There are plenty of reasons.

Organic cotton reduces allergic reactions and rashes because there are no traces of the harmful pesticides used to grow conventional cotton in the actual fibres. These chemicals could be absorbed through your baby’s thin skin and can cause allergies, rashes and respiratory problems.

Organic cotton also feels softer because it is free from those harsh chemicals, which could irritate your baby’s skin. It is also more durable because the fibers are not broken down with harsh chemicals and processes. Organic cotton does not use GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and is 100 percent natural.

As well as the benefits for your baby (and you), organic farming also keeps farmers healthy. Conventional cotton farming is harmful to farmers health and the chemicals used can cause cancers such as Lymphoma.

From an environmental point of view, organic cotton production uses much less water, and has been shown to cause 98 percent less water pollution than non-organic cotton production. Organic farming also protects our soil from being poisoned with harsh chemicals.

So, now that we have convinced you to go for organic clothing for your littles, here are seven great stores we absolutely love:

1. Lindex

Swedish lifestyle clothing brand Lindex is one of the top ten users of organic cotton worldwide, with 100 percent of their newborn assortment being made from organic cotton. All organic cotton purchased by Lindex is certified according to Textile Exchange Organic Content Standard.

Oh, and even better? Their baby clothes are seriously adorable and very reasonably priced.

2. Moobles and Toobles

Founded right here in Ireland in 2013, Moobles and Toobles makes a range of baby textiles including bodysuits, blankets, dresses and cushions that have been exclusively designed by creator, Nadia Cruikshanks, and their premium baby clothing are made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

3. Rain + Conker

Rain + Conker focuses on ethical production- and all their products are at a minimum Oeko Tex certified. Using Oeko Tex fabrics means that they have been tested to ensure they comply with the very strictest regulations regarding harmful chemicals and dyes, meaning you can be assured the products are healthier for your baby and the environment.

4. Livly

LIVLY was founded by Lisa Carrol, in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2011, after her twin girls, Liv and Lilly, were born premature. They suffered from very delicate skin as many newborns do, sending Lisa on a mission to find the softest cotton in the world: Pima Cotton.

And the rest, as they say, is history, and Livly is now a fashionable go-to brand for mommies all over the world.

5. Young Hearts

Irish Young Hearts is a family-run mini online department store, selling products that were produced ethically, in high-quality factories, using organic or superb quality cottons and dyes.

We love their unisex approach to clothing, meaning if you purchase baby clothes from Young Hearts, siblings will be able to share clothes and much-loved outfits can be passed on to other babies. If you love funky, unisex baby clothes with a Scandi cool twist, you are going to love this Irish online store.

6. Boden

Organically grown cotton, grown without pesticides and fertilisers, we adore the stylish, classic baby clothes from Boden.

7. Newbie

Another Swedish favourite. Lifestyle brand Newbie stocks timeless baby and kids styles with a cool Scandi edge. Think muted, natural, pretty colour palette with a luxury vibe – but with very affordable prices.

All of the cotton Newbie use is 100 percent organic.