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24th Feb 2019

The Oscar’s: THIS is how you host an EPIC award watching bash tonight

Perfect excuse to have the girls over!

Trine Jensen-Burke

You guys, tonight the mother of all award ceremonies – The Academy Awards – is upon us – again.

And while the majority of us will have to watch it from somewhere far removed from the glitz and glamour of L.A:, that does not mean you cannot throw an almighty Oscar’s bash of your very own.

Which you should. Even for the red carpet watching while drinking Champagne alone.

In fact, the Oscar’s provide the best time ever for a theme party. Which is why we think you should totally get your gang of girls around, and make it a night filled with food, fun, and red carpet fashion.

If this sounds like a ton of fun, here are nine more ways to make your Oscar’s bash an event to remember:

1. Pick a color scheme

Black and gold are classic and glamorous Oscar’s party choices, but you can also go with red and gold or red and white (like a popcorn bag). Sticking with a couple simple colors makes it easy to keep your gathering cohesive. Grab some black paper plates, add a rim of gold glitter to your champagne glasses and sprinkle a little gold confetti on your table.

Voila; done.

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2. Establish a dress code

Want to make your party a little swanky, encourage guests to dress in the color scheme. Or encourage everyone to dress like a character in their favorite nominated film. It’s not hard to throw something together from what’s in your closet so tell guests they have no excuse.

3. Create A Popcorn Bar

Everybody loves popcorn, and setting up a little bar where everyone can help themselves to toppings, flavorings and extras, will just make everything feel that extra bit festive. Which, you know, is what you want.

Be creative with what you serve the popcorn in (cones are cute!) and the sides you choose. (Personally, I think few things in life beat warm popcorn, topped with smashed up pieces of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…)


2. Cast Your Votes (Or Make Wild Guesses) On Oscar’s Ballots

Get everyone to fill out their Oscar’s ballots before the show kicks off. If a guest picks the winner, make them give an acceptance speech at the break. Give the overall winner an faux-Oscar to take home and proudly display.

Download a great (free!) printable here.


3. Rate The Red Carpet

Never mind the movies, sure we all know the most important part of the Oscar’s is the red carpet bit. Which is why you should download this free printable and go to down playing Fashion Police.

4. Decorate For A Star Studded Night

This DIY-star garland is perfect for a night at the “Oscar’s”.


5. Serve The Perfect Glass of Bubbly

Rim your Champagne flutes with edible gold sugar, then simply fill the glass up with Champagne.


6. Hand Out Some Awards Of Your Own

First you’ll need to determine your categories. You can do red carpet style awards for an Oscar Party, it is all sorts of fitting, really. These are easy to do, just write the categories on your envelopes, print out the category names again on colored cardstock and pair them each with a jar. Then provide a few blank strips of paper and pens for voting. Easy peasy.

When everyone are done voting, you just count the numbers and announce your winners.


7. Serve The Perfect Easy-To-Eat Snacks

Party food works better if it is something people can nibble on while also chatting, moving about and drinking their Champagne.

Opt for trays of lovely bite-sized treats, like goat’s cheese and blackberry topped crostini, mini quiches, mini spring rolls or bacon wrapped figs. This is what Pinterest is for, ladies.


8. Commemorate the Evening with Pictures

The paparazzi may not be lined up on your driveway but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t get their pose on. Create a faux red carpet, then snag some fun movie props and use every commercial break as a photo opp. Upload them all post party or use or e-mail them out as little party mementos the next day.

9. Music

Create a mix of music based on the various soundtracks of Oscar-nominated films, past and present, to play when guests arrive.