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09th Nov 2019

Penneys has launched a Disney collection just in time for Christmas

Olivia Hayes

We’ll take everything, thanks.

Penneys has come out with a new Disney collection and we just want it all.

If you’re a Disney fan then you will no doubt add it into your life in any way. A little tattoo, clothes, princess-inspired anything. Basically, if it’s Disney you will buy it, and you will love it… Especially if it’s affordable.

We know too well that anything that’s bought in the theme parks is ridiculously expensive, but one retailer that is great for giving us some Disney love is Penneys.

It stocks collection after collection, and I think we can all remember the craze that went on surrounding the Chip cups.

Well, Penneys has just released a new Disney collection and it’s full of bags, purses, slippers and even a few random kitchen items such a a grater and whisk!

Not going to lie, we kinda want to buy ourselves absolutely everything. The pieces would also be a great present for a Disney-obsessed person in your life.

It is coming close to Christmas, after all!