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07th Oct 2022

PrettyLittleThings are launching an inclusive range of mastectomy lingerie

Trine Jensen-Burke

October marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the world.

And to celebrate, PrettyLittleThings have announced that they are launching a collection of post-surgery lingerie with cancer awareness and action charity GIRLvsCANCER

Despite thousands of women undergoing surgical treatment for breast cancer each year, too often, women are still left with expensive, clinical, and often unflattering options when it comes to post-surgery underwear.

Well, this ends now.

‘Sexy, comfortable, empowering’

The new PrettyLittleThings + GIRLcCANCER collection features a range of seamless bras, lace dressing gowns and beautiful bodysuits, and is made to make ‘everyone feel like the best version of themselves.’

The range explores a mixture of comfort and femininity to make you feel confident in the skin you are in, comes in sizes from XS – XXL, and the best bit is how affordable it is, with prices ranging from just £8 – £28.

“Together with game-changing charity collective GIRLvsCANCER and Lauren’s unique approach we’ve created an inclusive post-surgical lingerie collection which is all things sexy, comfortable, and most importantly, empowering. We aim to shift the perceptions of those impacted by breast cancer and get you all self-checking.”

GIRLvsCANCER was founded by cancer survivor, broadcaster, and no-nonsense campaigner Lauren Mahon. The charity is a space to amplify all cancer experiences to make a tangible, genuine difference to those diagnosed. Lauren’s strong approach to fundraising and branding has ensured there’s now a space and community for the like-minded. Through GIRLvsCANCER, Lauren and her peers are tackling the cancer taboo and simultaneously communicating the challenges of getting cancer as a young adult.

Lauren, who has received countless awards, accolades, and a recent doctorate for her work in this space, continues to work hard to change the way people perceive cancer and open a dialogue on this sensitive subject.

Speaking on the partnership, GIRLvsCANCER founder Lauren Mahon says:

“GIRLvsCANCER exists to blow up the cancer landscape by collaborating to crush the stigma, stop isolation and bring about essential change. This is the type of essential change I’m talking about. A partnership to not just provide donations, but cool, sought after and tangible products for those impacted by cancer. I’m so incredibly proud of this collection that incorporates a range of lingerie made for everybody but created with breast cancer patients in mind. This project with Pretty Little Thing will genuinely empower those dealing with a diagnosis, and directly impact improvements of the cancer experience for all. Importantly for me, this isn’t just a one-off campaign for an awareness month. This is an 18-month commitment from a big retail giant, and I am genuinely excited to see the heights we can take it.”

Here’s to shutting down stigma and giving cancer ‘the finger’ in lingerie that has women worldwide feeling nothing less than amazing.

PLT will be donating 100% of profits from this collection, (profits being the sale price of the product paid by the customer, less product cost price and VAT) to GirlVsCancer.