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15th Sep 2018

Run, don’t walk: This H&M coat is just in, but already selling out (and you’ll see why!)

It’s getting nippy out there now, isn’t it?

With October and the first autumn storms forcasted right around the corner, we are all about comfort and snug layers these days. Which is why, when we spotted this coat that has just come in to H&M, we literally scrambled to get our credit cards out, becuase this beauty is bound to be one of those “oh my God, why didn’t I buy it when I had the chance” sell-out products you’d forever regret not snapping up ASAP.

Teddy coats are everywhere this autumn, and we love the gorgeous shade of brown on this one, and the fact that it is lined, making it all sorts of warm and cozy.

The best bit? We reckon it will look just as good worn over a dress on a night out, as it will paired with cords or jeans and sneakers or Converse. Meaning, of course, that for €99.99, you are getting a lot of bang for your bucks, ladies.