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06th Jan 2017

THIS Is Set To Be The Hottest Hair Colour Of 2017 (And We Are Obsessed)

When it comes to keeping tabs on what everyone is obsessing over right this minute – and predicting what we will be obsessing over in the months to come – Pinterest is your best go-to source.

Those little digital pin-boards are a haven for hair, makeup and skincare inspiration – as well as being the most effective procrastination tool ever created – obvs.

And if you are wondering what to do with your locks in 2017 – Pinterest have once again come up trumps by directing us to what is said to be the absolute hottest hair trend this spring:

Ash balayage.

Wait, I hear you say – balayage is not new – sure we all have balayaged hair at this stage.

But  there is a twist, ladies. As in; the golden caramel hues we typically associate with balayage are set to make way for cooler ashy tones in 2017.

Yup. ‘Ash balayage’ – as it has recently been names by hairstylists – starts as any normal balayage hair color would—with dark-toned roots. But then, the hair color gradient shifts toward a lighter, ashy blonde colour, until gradually feathering out into an almost silvery shade.

Need more convincing? Check out just how stunning this hair colour can be – and never mind Pinterest (where is has gone up by a 240 percent search increase, by the way), it looks like Ash balayage is already blowing up on Instagram too:

Refresh Toner. This ash ombre/highlight we did 7+ months ago is looking good. ? @mijuvansalon // #dearmijuhair

A photo posted by miju + los angeles + hair (@dearmiju) on

Today’s transformation ??? #love #ashbalayage #redkenobsessed #glamorous #blowout

A photo posted by lexi leigh hamstra (@lexileighxo) on

Every time I see my client @alexbabby we go a bit lighter ? Keeping those long locks healthy!

A photo posted by Stockton Hairstylist (@maremaredoeshair) on