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07th Feb 2016

The Top 20 Things No Woman Should Wear After 30 (Not Really)

Sharyn Hayden

Since we were little girls, we women have been bombarded with messages about how to live our lives ‘correctly’.

We had to wear skirts in school – just the right ladylike length of course – wear the right makeup in college, hang out at the right clubs in our twenties and cling to the hope that we didn’t ‘scare him away’ for long enough that he might marry us and give us babies.


Then came our thirties and forties and with it, another list of messages about how we should present ourselves to the world.

Our skirt lengths need to be readjusted to an appropriate ‘older woman’ length, our boobs put away and our bikinis ditched in favour of a discreet one-piece.

Well, if you know me at all, you’ll know that I say ‘f*ck that’ to all of those messages.


I can’t be dealing with being told what to do. I’ll wear what I’m comfortable in, I’ll slap on some bright lipstick AND I’ll wear my bikini if I like, thank you very much!

Which is why I just love this tongue-in-cheek list of ‘The Top 20 Things NO WOMAN Should Wear After 30’ from Twitter user Molly Manglewood:

Number 4 totally wins it for me. What’s your favourite?

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