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30th Sep 2018

These gorgeous heels worn by Meghan Markle have a 28,000 person waiting list

Rebecca O'Keeffe

We’re a little obsessed.

So, we’ve kind of reached that stage in life where the idea of high heels makes us wince.

Our teen years were spent galavanting around in shoes that traumatised our toes.

And now, we can’t even look at high heels.

Well, not all high heels have to hurt, as we have recently discovered.

San Francisco-based brand Everlane is a favourite among famous stars including Angelina Jolie and Meghan Markle.

meghan markle

Everlane spotted a gap in the fashion  market for stylish but sensible heels – hallelujah!

The ‘Day Heel’ is an investment purchase, at $207 a pair, but they’re well worth the money.

That is, if you can manage to get your hands on them.

After they launched, the shoes amassed a waiting list of 28,000 people in a matter of hours.


meghan markle

Initially, the Day Heel launched in a handful of colours, but they are now available in 16 glorious shades.

The brand also uses the highest quality Italian leather and suede, which may explain the price tag.

Excuse us while we put our name on the list for these babies!