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21st Apr 2019

This blogger has an amazing hack for extending time between hair washes

Because who has the time for daily hair washes?

I am serious. Washing, drying and styling my hair is pretty much the most tedious thing I do, and if I am ever to win the lotto (when I get around to start doing it, that is), the first thing I will be spending my money on is daily wash-and-blowdry appointments. Or, if I win a serious amount of money, my own, private hair dresser, obvs.

However, in the meantime, I will settle for finding ways that let me go for longer without having to actually go through the debacle washing my hair is.

And lucky for me, US blogger Jess Keys of The Golden Girl recently shared her hair tricks with The Everygirl – and I am happy to report that some of these are seriously fab – and if you hate washing your hair as much as I do, you will no doubt love them too.

And without further ado, here are Jess’ three best tricks for extending the time between your hair washes:

1. Blow-dry just the roots

This, apparently, makes all the difference according to the blogger.

“When you wash your hair, let your hair air dry as much as possible, but, if you hit the roots (just the roots, because, you know, hair dryer = damage) with the blow-drier for a hot second and get your roots dry (we’re talking, like, just the top half-inch to inch of your hair) then it REALLY helps to combat grease. This really makes an incredible difference in setting your hair up to be less greasy.”

2. Use a shower cap

This enables you to take a shower without your hair getting frizzy from the heat, says Keys.

“I don’t know why I just dismissed the idea of using a shower cap for the first 29-odd years of life. This really helps combat frizz, because even if my hair doesn’t get wet in the shower, it does get crazy from the steam.”

3. Dry shampoo before bed

“Of course, you use it after to help soak up existing grease, but where dry shampoo truly shines is in its preventative effects – it’s great to spray on before you go to bed! You’ll wake up with more voluminous bedhead and it’s amazing.”