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14th Oct 2017

This tweet says we’ve been putting our bras on wrong all this time

Who knew?

Cathy Donohue

Yes, really.

When you’re barely awake and getting dressed in the morning, I for one don’t tend to overthink how I’m putting my bra on but apparently, there’s a ‘right’ way.

Brittany Packett, educator, activist, speaker, writer and avid Twitter user, shared a tweet which has gone massively viral thanks to the ‘how to put on a bra’ mini-tutorial included within.

Yep, as you’ll see below, Brittany says that Third Love, a San-Francisco based company, informed her that she’s been putting her bra on wrong for twenty years and that chances are, she’s not the only one.

The tips include closing your bra on the last hook, putting your boobs into each cup and tightening the straps from time to time.

In contrast to this, Brittany was using the middle hook (same) and never thought she had to ‘place’ them in the bra (same) but having tried it, she’s now a convert.

Judging by the multiple replies to her tweet, most people agreed with the advice given by Third Love.

What do you think…is it all a gimmick or could there be some truth in the ‘correct’ way to put your bra on?