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14th Jul 2019

This tiny trick will make an Ikea sofa look so much more expensive

When you are living with children, furniture from Ikea is an absolute Godsend.

Not only can you actually afford to replace something should it be trashed at the hands of toddlers, many of the sofas even have covers that can be removed and washed in the machine whenever needed (which, let’s face it, is fairly often).

The thing is, though, sometimes you might find yourself wishing that despite being utterly comfortable and really, really practical, your Ikea sofa mightn’t be the trendiest or most upmarket looking one out there.

Enter Prettypegs.


The genius company that lets you order new legs for your Ikea sofa (and many other bits of of furniture too).

Prettypegs (based in Stockholm, Sweden, but with worldwide shipping) offers replaceable furniture legs – bringing a new identity and even more fabulous Scandi style to your favourite Ikea furniture.


Oh, and the legs also work with a wide range of other furniture styles and manufacturer too. You simply screw out the legs your sofa originally came with, replace with these new, cooler ones, and voilá.


The result? A sexier, sleeker, and way more amazing sofa.

Small changes, big effect? We LIKE.