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02nd Oct 2019

We found the perfect laundry hack that will help you get grease stains off clothes

Trine Jensen-Burke

Got some messy eaters in your house?

Same here.

I am forever trying to tackle mysterious stains on my kids’ clothes, and had been feeling all sorts of fed up having to throw out perfectly good clothes just because they had some sort of grease stain that was impossible to get off, no matter how much I washed it.

However, I came across this nifty little hack on Instagram yesterday (where else do you get life advice these days), and it turns out it works a charm! I tested it last night on one of my little boy’s t-shirts that I was convinced I would have to toss, and the stain came out no bother!

The magic trick? Chalk!

Have you guys tested this before? Is it working for you? Let us know in the comments!