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04th Nov 2022

Woman reveals how to stay warm when wearing tights this winter

A genius.

The winter season is only around the corner and while the cold weather sets in, there’s no reason we have to look any less stylish.

With cold mornings ahead, the idea of tights can make us shiver and we just know they never keep us as warm as they claim to.

Thankfully for us, this one TikTok is showing us just how we can keep toasty and warm in a pair of tights without ruining our outfits.

TikTok user @elizabethfortmeyer is used to giving out new fashion tips and hacks, so it was no surprise when she had a hack for this struggle we all go through.

@elizabethfortmeyerReply to @kool.chick and theyre soft so it’s more comfortable than regular tights♬ original sound – Elizabeth Fortmeyer

Answering the question “How do you wear skirts in the winter? do you wear leggings underneath and if you do what kind?” Elizabeth gave us a whole video to let us in on the secret.

Explaining how she puts on a pair of nude leggings underneath her tights, she pops on any skirt or dress she likes and avoids ever getting chilly the second you step outside.

Immediately getting praise, people in the comments couldn’t get over the latest hack that hit their for you page.

One viewer replied to the video: “Wow you’re the smartest person ever”.

Another said: “Girl you are saving lives I am always cold.”

A third wrote: “The way this is SO logical and yet I’ve never thought of this…GENIUS!”

While this hack is great on its own, the best part was pointed out by a few people in the comments, you don’t have to shave your legs with this trick as it leaves them looking smooth under the tights no matter what.

One commenter did address something very important, asking how do you prevent getting crotch sag that can happen with leggings.

Elizabeth replied: “I always wear spandex over my tights and it fixes it.”

This girl is our hero.