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29th Dec 2014

Your kid’s funny quotes on a print? Hell, yeah

Creative dad makes makes everlasting memories

Sive O'Brien

Kids, they really do say the funniest things. All the time. So, graphic artist Martin Bruckner (aka Spaghetti Toes) decided to turn all the funny things his three-year-old says to him and her mum, as well as some of the things they say to her into cool, inspirational and hilarious art.

Best of all, you too can embarrass your children in time to come and create custom designs of the hysterical things your kids say to you. So all those cutesy things you swear you’ll always remember, will forever be emblazoned on your walls.

Spaghetti toes at, or

Have a look at some of our faves or commission him to make some of you own.