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18th Mar 2022

World Sleep Day: 5 easy ways to make your bedroom the ultimate staycation

Trine Jensen-Burke

hotel style in your bedroom

What is it about staying in a luxurious boutique hotel that gives you the best night’s sleep?

I don’t know about you, but to me, it’s a combination of the crisp, white sheets, the soothing, non-messy space and that certain sexy vibe that chic hotel rooms just give off.

Alas, few of us have the spending power to constantly be checking into pricey boutique hotels. The solution? You don’t have to. Simply follow these simple steps for turning your own master bedroom (or guest room) into the ultimate at-home fancy hotel room.

Now, who’s ready to check in?

1. Upgrade your bedlinen

There is no denying that the best bit about fancy hotel rooms is the big, super-inviting bed. Meaning, of course, if you are looking for that hotel feel in your room, you better start with the bed first. Toss your washed-out, mismatched bedlinen and get yourself some gorgeous, new all-white ones (because white just adds that little feeling of luxury you are after now).

Cotten or linen are the best materials for sleeping in, and will keep you both cool and warm, depending on the temperature. Iron the sheets before putting them on the bed, and if you really want to up the chic factor, spray them with a little lavender water – and get ready for the best night’s sleep ever.

Also, play around with different decorative pillows or sizes, and remember symmetry always looks more pleasing and calming to the eye. If you love reading in bed, opt for hotel-sized pillows to the back, meaning you can easily sit up and read before you get ready to sleep. These will also make dressing the bed and making it look more luxurious easier.

2. Go to town with sumptuous throws and cushions

Nothing says chic hotel room like a bed that is fully dressed with throw pillows and a lovely, soft throw or blanket draped over it. Opt for pillows of different sizes and textures to add interest, but choose ones with tones that match each other to avoid the colours looking busy.

Take the time in the morning to make the bed, and you’ll soon see how much nicer it feels getting into a bed that is made up every night – room service or not.

3. Choose a peaceful colour palette

Picking the right paint colour is important in every room in the house, but when you want to create a relaxing vibe in the bedroom, colour is absolutely crucial.  A neutral colour palette leads to a calm, serene mind, which is exactly what you want for the bedroom.

Beige, cream and greys are perfect, and should you want a hint of a punchier colour, use it on throw pillows or throws that can be easily replaced or changed up.

4. Think about symmetry

Take a look around the room the next time you are in a fancy hotel room and you’ll soon realise that a lot of the decor and details are done in a very symmetrical way.

The nightstands are the same both sides of the bed, and on top of them sits identical lamps. Cushions tend to be layered on symmetrically, and the reason is that this looks instantly more calming and orderly, which is often the feeling we are looking for when designing a bedroom.

5. Treat yourself to a luxe candle and some fresh flowers

Fresh-cut flowers will, in an instant, give any room an upgrade – just be sure to avoid pollen-heavy flowers, such as lilies, for a bedroom. Also, if you want to keep the vibe sleek, opt for just one type of fresh flower instead of a mixed bunch.

Next, you need a gorgeous, luxury candle sitting beside your bed – the best ones may seem expensive, but when you buy high-quality, even a small candle with a longer burn time will last all season. Skip synthetic ones and go for beautiful home fragrances in real soy candles. Or invest in a diffuser, and use your favourite essential oils to gently scent your room.

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