Viewers want to change one thing about Bluey and some aren't impressed 3 months ago

Viewers want to change one thing about Bluey and some aren't impressed

What do you think of this?

It's safe to say Bluey is one of the most beloved kid's shows on TV right now.

The popular series is a true Godsend, especially when the kids are having a mini meltdown.

Honestly, we'd be lost without it.

It is one of the few children's shows that we can actually stand watching.

However, some parents are calling for a major change to be made to the show.

But we can't help but question whether this is actually a good idea or not.

Apparently, a chunk of parents want to Americanise Bluey.


For those of you who haven't watched it, Bluey is a children's TV series set in Australia.

The charming show follows the adventures of puppy Bluey and their sister Bingo.

Fans are pretty furious about calls to add Thanksgiving and Halloween episodes.

One mum said that the show is Australian and it should stay that way.

"This shouldn't be changed for any culture," one said.

Another American viewer added, "As an American, I DO NOT want it changed at all. It's letting our family learn about Australian culture in a way my child can understand."

Another said she would be furious if they changed the show because it is "perfectly fine the way it is".

One wrote, "It's an adorable way to learn a little bit about another country, another culture."

What do you think? Should Bluey be Americanised or should it stay the same way?