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09th Jan 2023

Bonnie Ryan urges her fans to stop asking her if she’s pregnant

Kat O'Connor

Bonnie Ryan said it is nobody’s business.

Bonnie Ryan has begged her followers to stop asking her if she’s pregnant.

The make-up artist said she is so tired of the dated question.

Bonnie told her Instagram followers that it is never okay to ask someone that question. Many women simply don’t want to have children and presuming someone wants a baby is not okay.

Quizzing someone about their family plans is also extremely intrusive and triggering. You never know if someone is facing fertility issues or who may have suffered a recent baby loss so respecting a person’s privacy is the kindest thing you can do.

Bonnie wrote;

“Gals, I love you all but can you stop asking me am I pregnant. It’s nonstop, I am not pregnant (not that it is anybody’s business).

She continued, “I thought by now people know it’s not appropriate to say this to people?

Bonnie added, “So once again, I am not pregnant and it is not on the cards for me right now.”

Bonnie said she could have a child one day, but stressed that it isn’t anyone’s business.

“Maybe one day,” she wrote.

Bonnie married her partner John in 2021. The couple initially tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Dublin in March.

They then celebrated their marriage with a beautiful wedding in Italy in May 2022.

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