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08th Oct 2017

Cork busker was shocked to see this famous singer in the crowd

What are the chances?

Carl Kinsella

Cork busker Dylan Brickley got some endorsement while busking in Cardiff this weekend, after he ended up performing for singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini.

Dylan, 24, told Wales Online that the Jenny Don’t Be Hasty singer listened to him for ages before giving him some money…

“While I was busking, I was just starting and playing my first song and I saw this guy listening to me. I knew I recognised him but I thought it was just a look-a-like. He walked over, gave me money and continued to listen to me,” Dylan said of the encounter.

“When I finished the song I realised it was him and I tried to call him over, but he seemed like a private person and didn’t want any fuss. He was smiling and I began to play his song Candy hoping he would turn back and sing it with me. He kept looking back while I played it, smiling.”

Coincidentally, while Dylan was chatting to another busker about the experience they noticed that Mr. Nutini was just up the street again.

“He started smiling at us as he recognised us and came over took a picture and was talking to us for a few minutes. He was a big fan.”

“I felt a bit shocked that he was a fan of my music, because sometimes when you’re busking people look down on it, and I was singing a cover first and then an original, and he liked it.”

Here’s some of Dylan’s work…