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26th Dec 2018

Corrie’s Gemma faces her dark past in tense scenes from tonight’s episode

Jade Hayden

Ah, Paul.

Look lads, it’s Christmas.

Or rather, it’s St Stephen’s Day but everybody is still hoppin’ off that festive buzz and will be for the next five or so days so whatever.

It being Christmas means that people generally make an extra bit of effort when it comes to catching up with people they don’t know, seeing what the craic is, and being sound even if they don’t want to be sound.

Unfortunately, none of the above is happening on Coronation Street, because it’s Coronation Street. 

Rather, Gemma’s brother is returning home to scare her, shock her, and essentially ruin her festive period.

How nice of him.

The harrowing scene will go a little like this: Gemma and Chesney have a bit of a chat ignoring the fact that they are clearly in love with each other like they always do.

The pair then go their separate ways for a bit, leaving Gemma to enter the gaff on her own, only to be followed by a creepy hooded figure who’s going to do something creepy while hooded.  

Except, after all the unnecessary theatrics, it ends up being Paul and Chesney is left wishing it had just been some random intruder so he could save the day but whatever, he tried.

Gemma is, understandably, shocked to see her newly-released-from-prison brother in the house – especially considering as it’s soon going to be revealed exactly why he was in prison in the first place.

It’s because of Gemma, essentially.

Paul had spent the last while in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

Rather, it was Gemma who was involved in the death of an old woman, leaving the chipper worker fearful that beloved Rita will discover her dark past and fear that she’s going to go after her next.

“Gemma fears all her secrets will be exposed when her brother Paul arrives in Weatherfield,” a source told The Sun last week.

“She’s managed to build a life for herself and put herself behind her. The last thing she needs is for Rita to find out that she had ties to the death of a rich old lady.”

Grim enough.

Coronation Street continues tonight on Virgin Media One at 7.30pm.