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02nd Jul 2017

Grenfell couple lost their unborn baby in the hours after the blaze

The expectant mother was in an induced coma.

Orlaith Condon

A couple who managed to escape the Grenfell Tower blaze are sharing their heartbreak after losing their unborn child on the night of the fire.

Marcio and Andreia Gomes and their two daughters were able to escape from the apartment fire, which is believed to have killed at least 80 people.

Andreia was seven months pregnant at the time of the fire and has now revealed that she gave birth to a stillborn child hours after the incident.

Mr Gomes told the Sunday Telegraph that doctors told his wife that the baby boy’s heart had stopped beating and needed to be delivered in order to save the mother.grenfell couple unborn stillborn child

“The doctors came and said the baby’s heart had stopped and the priority was the mother,” he told the paper.

“My wife gave birth that night while she was in an induced coma so she didn’t know at the time. At 11.03 in the evening my baby boy was born.

“I wanted to be there with him but he had already died.”

Mr Gomes said he then had to wait for his wife to wake to tell her the heartbreaking news.

The family are planning a funeral for their son once the post-mortem examination is completed.