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03rd Oct 2019

Don’t Tell The Bride couple have their wedding cancelled after breaking the rules

Keeley Ryan

Don’t Tell The Bride is set to make history as the couple have their wedding cancelled entirely after they were caught breaking the rules.

Yanis and Chanise were meant to be saying ‘I do’ in the episode set to air on Sunday, October 6.

However, according to the Daily Mailproduction stepped in and cancelled the wedding after it emerged that the couple had been in communication.

Producers are said to have become suspicious after Chanise’s friend accidentally let slip she knew about the plans for them to get married in Paris.

They found out that Chanise had been going through the groom-to-be’s emails to try and get information about the wedding – and as the “secret was out”, they confronted the groom and told him the wedding would be cancelled.

The bridesmaids visited Yanis’ home for what was meant to be their dress fitting. However, production stopped them midway through their discussion.

“Okay guys I’m going stop you there,” The producer said. “We normally would do a bridesmaids reveal but it’s come to our attention that the secret appears to be out and the bridal party know about some of the plans for the wedding.”

Yanis confessed that Chanise had gotten access to his emails through his iPad, but tried to argue that the bride hadn’t technically been told.

But producers maintained the wedding would be cancelled, so he called Chanise to deliver the bad news.

Afterwards, a producer told her that while they knew it was “difficult”, the wedding would have to be cancelled as the rules had been broken.

As the couple reflected on their time on the show, they said the last few days had been “difficult” and “very heartbreaking.”

Image via Channel4.