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17th Jul 2017

The idea for this ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ wedding is completely crazy

Why though, WHY?

Cathy Donohue

'Don't Tell the Bride'

This takes the biscuit altogether.

Don’t Tell The Bride is absolutely ridiculous at the best of times but the latest groom tasked with organising the wedding had crazy notions altogether.

The new series of the English version of the popular show kicks off on July 26th on E4 and according to Metro, one of the weddings will be held in a pig sty.

Yes, a pig farm wedding is actually happening and that’s not all in store as someone else is planning an obstacle course and one person has an absolutely bonkers idea to dress his other half in a pink leotard on her pink day…because that’s what everyone dreams of wearing to get married.


These guys have three weeks to organise the weddings and a budget of £14,000 and as you may have witnessed on the RTÉ DTTB, things don’t always go to plan.

We might just have to watch and see how the pig sty plan pans out…