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06th Jul 2017

Dublin dad shocked after finding this spider in his kids’ playhouse

This will give you shivers.

Louise Carroll

And we thought we were so safe from dangerous insects here in Ireland.

It seems however, that isn’t always the case. A dad who was cleaning through his children’s playhouse in Crumlin, got a rather big scare as he spotted what looked like a black widow spider.

The spider resembling the lethal black widow was in fact a false widow. Although the false widow won’t give a fatal bite like its cousin, it can still be a major cause for concern.

The poisonous spider, which has invaded Ireland from the Canary Islands, (and FYI, is the size of a 20c coin) gives a bite which ranges from that of a bee sting but it can be worse depending on the amount of venom released.

A bite from a false widow can cause a reaction, and if this is not treated as soon as possible, the bite could prove lethal. In the past, a bite from one of these false widows has led to amputation due to the spreading of infection through arms and legs.

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According to the Irish Daily Star, Brendan Ryan from Irish Pest Control said,

“There have been a few reports of false widows this year and they do look treacherous. However, a bite from them is only really dangerous for people who are likely to suffer an allergic reaction to it.”

He urged parents who are concerned about the creepy-crawlies to give their homes, sheds, playhouses and gardens a good spring cleaning, removing any areas the spiders would make themselves at home and multiply.

“That means cleaning out all cobwebs from the corners of rooms, keeping your house de-cluttered, cutting back scrubs in the garden. And also, bag and dispose of all grass-cuttings.”

A lovely False Widow in one of today’s Gas meter box. ? #gassafenotspidersafe #falsewidow

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Things may only be getting worse as our milder winters have aided these spiders’ survival, allowing them to reproduce at a speedy rate.

Right, so we’re off to invest in some hoover bags and gardening rakes. Take care.