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26th Oct 2021

“Make it stop”: Great British Bake Off viewers call out show for harmful comments

Bake Off

“Just enjoy the cake!”

I adore Bake Off. It brightens the miserable rainy evenings and never fails to make me feel happy.

It’s wholesome, easy to watch, and completely joyous.

Who doesn’t want to spend an hour and a half looking at cupcakes, biscuits, and adorable Jürgen?

Do you know what I don’t want to hear about when I watch Bake Off?

Calories, weight gain, and fat.

We’re all adults. We all know sugar, cakes and all that sweet stuff isn’t good for us.

Bake Off is one of few joyful things in our world at the moment. It allows us to forget about Covid, the pandemic, climate change, and all the other horrid news we’re bombarded with every day.

It’s the perfect antidote we all need.

So can the show’s creators please stop Prue from making ridiculous statements about calories?

It is tainting the show for so many viewers.

One viewer wrote on Twitter, “Great British Bake Off, I think, has been so successful for so long because of its warmth, humour and pure love of baking. It’s the antidote to diet shows. But every time calories or fat are mentioned, it loses a bit of that loveliness. Make it stop.”

Another said, “Prue going hard out with the food moralising in this episode, “worth the calories” “the most fattening bite you can imagine”. SNOOZE. You are a judge on a friggin’ *baking* show Prue, nobody thinks it’s salad ffs, will you just stop.”

I love Bake Off but I find it so upsetting how often Prue goes on about “worth the calories” and “ooh this is fattening”. Just enjoy the cake!” another added.

Not only are Prue’s comments really irritating and eye-roll inducing, but they’re also extremely triggering for anyone with an eating disorder or body image issues. They’re not helpful to anyone.

Shows like Bake Off bring light to the dreary days. Let’s keep the harmful remarks about calories and weight gain out of the delightful Bake Off tent, Prue.