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28th Jul 2022

Carol Vorderman says she suffered a “deep depression” during menopause

Ellen Fitzpatrick

“I’d never felt anxious before in my life.”

Carol Vorderman has opened up about the “deep depression” she felt during the early stages of menopause, and the “suicidal” thoughts that came along with it.

Speaking on This Morning, the 61-year-old was a guest on the “Menopause Bus” segment as it stopped off in Cardiff.

Aiming to raise awareness of different symptoms women experience during menopause, the segment wanted to help women open up about their own methods to manage it as well as get expert advice.

Carol appeared to share her own struggles when it came to menopause, saying she experienced “depression” during it.

Carol explained that she began getting signs of menopause in her early 50s, but noticed it wasn’t the “traditional” signs.

She told Dr. Philippa: “I started getting anxious, I’d never felt anxious before in my life.

“I started feeling anxious, even about what sort of trousers I was going to wear, was I going to have a tea or a coffee?

“This developed into a deep depression, and I mean, a deep depression.

“I felt suicidal at times, for many months.”

Beginning to keep track of her periods on her phone, she got the help she needed to get back on track.

She continued: “That helped me analyse that. I started on a bespoke HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and within 48 hours, literally within two days, I felt back to normal.

“I have never had a symptom since. It is wonderful.”

Martin Frizell, This Morning Editor, previously spoke about the campaign the show has set out, saying: “This Morning takes great pride in what support and advice we offer to our viewers and for this bus to not only raise awareness on its travels it will be helping so many with the advice it can offer across the nation too.

“I’m hugely proud of the team involved and thankful to Boots for supporting this important campaign too.”