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09th Jul 2021

Disney drops ‘Boys & Girls’ greeting to be more inclusive and people aren’t happy

Kat O'Connor

People are less than impressed

Disney has made quite a progressive change in the opening of one of their park shows, but people are not happy about it.

They have decided to alter their classic greeting in Happily Ever After from “Good evening, boys and girls!” to “Good evening, dreamers of all ages!”

Personally, the new phrase is far better and completely captures what Disney is all about. However, a lot of people have taken offense to the change.


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One Twitter user wrote, “Haven’t been to Disney World in 20 years. Can’t say that I miss it. Walt had great idea, but it’s been ruined by all of his PC successors.”

“People and companies really need to stop changing everything that was originally made, discussed, or founded on just because people cry and moan,” one shared.

Others complained that they were trying to be “sensitive” and “too woke”, but many welcomed the new greeting.


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A post shared by Walt Disney World (@waltdisneyworld)

“I just heard that the Disney World fireworks show changed its opening announcement from “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” to “dreamers of all ages” and that little bit of inclusion just makes my heart happy,” one person wrote.

“Feels more Disney to say dreamers of all ages than boys and girls — I love the change! As a nonbinary person, such a small thing can truly mean the world,” said another.

Disneyland is all about magic, fun, and escaping from the real world. If the park wants to make more guests feel welcome and included then power to them.

Change isn’t always a bad thing.