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06th Sep 2022

Kimberley Walsh remembers Sarah Harding one year after her passing

“Thinking of her always.”

Kimberley Walsh was among the stars paying tribute to Sarah Harding, on the first anniversary of her death.

The Girls Aloud star passed away on 5 September 2021, after being sick with breast cancer. 

In a post on Instagram, Kimberley said that she still can’t believe that her bandmate is gone.

She wrote: “Sarah passed away a year ago. I can still hardly believe it to be honest but it feels more real than ever today. Thinking of her always and of everyone who loved and miss her too.”

Peter Andre also paid tribute to Sarah in his column for the Mirror Online.

He wrote: “Sarah was a very loved person, she will never be forgotten. I hope her family have been able to in some way come to terms with their loss. It’s such a terrible thing to have happened to someone so young.”

Earlier this summer, Cheryl, Nicola Roberts and Nadine Coyle took part in a charity run to raise money for Cancer Research UK in honour of Sarah. The run was held at Hyde Park, and Kimberley joined remotely and took part in a run in her hometown as she couldn’t attend the London run.

Ahead of the event, Cheryl spoke about her grief over losing Sarah.

“It doesn’t feel like she’s gone at all,” she said. “To be honest, I’ve never experienced or anticipated this grief.”

Nadine, meanwhile, recalled her memories of Sarah from last year, and said that she was still “in denial”.

She said: “This time last year we were actually hanging out. We all met up last year. She was there and we were talking and she didn’t even seem that sick.

“I was in denial the entire time and was the friend that was ‘Oh, it’s gonna be all right’, you know, I was completely in denial right up until the day she passed.”

For information on breast cancer, visit the HSE’s official page right here.