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13th May 2021

Do your children fight? Here’s how Kristin Bell deals with her daughters’ “nasty” arguments

Laura Grainger

Kristen Bell

The mam-of-two broke it down

Kristen Bell is beloved not just for her acting, but for her refreshing honesty – especially when it comes to being a parent.

The Good Place star took to Instagram to share about how the daughters she shares with husband Dax Shepard fight with each other “ALOT.”

She said Lincoln and Delta, who are just two years apart at ages 8 and 6 respectively, “can’t seem to feel like they are on the same team.” According to her, the pair are always competitive and defensive with one another, and sometimes things get “nasty.”

Sisters? Having blue murder with each other? Never!

She explained that both girls are “little alphas” and because of their closeness in age, the hierarchy of care isn’t always clear.

Kristen then shared how she sat the two of them down and explained they can spend their time on hate and fear through gossip or revenge, or they can spend their time on love and kindness through being nurturing and grateful.

It seemed to work a treat, as a few hours later they were sat writing letters professing their love for each other and telling their mama that this is how they’re choosing to spend their time.

Whether or not it lasts is another thing!