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15th Jul 2021

Kylie Jenner says three-year-old daughter Stormi is about to launch her own brand

Laura Grainger

The star and her daughter previously “collabed” on a beauty collection for Kylie Cosmetics

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are well known for their ability to turn just about anything into a business.

And with each of the sisters (with the exception of Kendall) now parents, there’s plenty of jokes about how the next KarJenneration will follow in their mothers’ footsteps.

For Kylie’s daughter Stormi though, that might be happening much sooner than expected.

The 23-year-old business mogul said in a recent YouTube video that her 3-year-old daughter is soon to launch “a little secret brand.”

The video, on Kylie’s YouTube channel, is one of a multi-part series offering a look inside of Kylie Cosmetics – the brand that Forbes claimed made Kylie a billionaire by the age of 21.

In the video, Kylie and her mother Kris discuss the entrepreneurial women in their family and the role they’ll play in Stormi’s life.

“You are a product of who you surround yourself with and your family, and my sisters and my mom have been huge influences to me and I feel really shaped me into who I am,” Kylie says. “Stormi has such strong women and men in her life, but she has a lot of strong women to look up to.”

Footage shows Kylie and Stormi at the brand’s offices, at one point in Stormi’s own little office set up with a toddler’s desk and chairs. Kylie says it’s where the 3-year-old “gets all her business done.”

“She’s actually launching a little secret brand soon that we’ve been working on awhile but finally it’s the pedal to the medal,” Kylie revealed, saying she hopes her daughter looks at her the way she looks at her mother.

What that “secret brand” is, and how much little Stormi will be involved in it, remains a mystery. But Kylie did tag a bath time photo of Stormi with @kyliebaby, a verified account that already has over 800,000 followers despite no posts.

It has also been reported that Kylie previously filed a patent for ‘Kylie Baby.’