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22nd Jun 2022

This is why Gemma’s famous father hasn’t been mentioned on Love Island

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Of course, they know…

Love Island fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats since the series started to find out when Gemma Owen will reveal who her famous father is, but as of now, she is yet to do that.

And as the weeks go on, it’s looking less and less likely that we’ll ever see it, but according to one dumped islander, some of them already know.

Afia Tonkmor has returned to social media after she was dumped from the island, and she’s revealing a lot from her time in the villa.

Taking to Instagram for a Love Island Q&A session, Afia was asked by one of her followers: “Do they know who Gemma’s dad is?”

Replying to the burning question, she gave a blunt answer and it was a lot more disappointing than we’d hoped.

Afia said: “If people do know – I did know before I went in because I watched her VT – but if they do know they don’t care, nobody really cares.

“I don’t know who he is. I know he’s a football guy. It was never, ever spoke about in my presence.”

Of course, hints have been made throughout the show as Gemma’s ex boyfriend Jacques asked if her “family are ok”, and obviously he knows.

She also gave a major hint when first speaking to Luca, saying: “You’re sporty and you’re into football, you’re into racing.. you’d have stuff in common with my dad… I think he appreciates a guy who’s into sport and all that kind of stuff. I hear you talking about football and racing and I’m like ooo.”

Proving he didn’t know at the time, Luca replied: “Yeah I enjoy playing football and I know what I’m talking about with football. We’ll see if he [your dad] knows what he’s talking about.”

Fans of the show are now wondering if there’s a reason that Gemma hasn’t said who her dad is yet, and some have headed onto Reddit after they believed they cracked the code.

One fan posted the theory: “If her family paid [ ITV ] money not to air [Gemma talking about Michael] then we won’t see it. I think it’s pretty obvious that some sort of deal was struck regarding her time on the island.”

Another responded: “There’s no way someone with that much money and power enters into a competition like [Love Island] without insurance.”