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27th Aug 2021

Marian Keyes is releasing a new novel and fans of Rachel’s Holiday are going to be delighted

Kat O'Connor

The Marian Keyes book we’ve all been waiting for!

Marian Keyes fans will be thrilled to hear the Irish author has been working on the book we’ve all been waiting for.

The writer has confirmed a sequel to Rachel’s Holiday is officially on the way.

Keyes announced the joyous news on her Instagram.

The sequel will be released next year and is being published by Penguin Michael Joseph.

She shared: “I’ve a little bit of news. I’ve written a sequel to Rachel’s Holiday and it’ll be published on 17.2.2022.

“Rachel’s Holiday has meant a lot to many people and I’ve tried my hardest to honour your trust in this new book
Thank you for all of your kindness over the last 25 years,” she added.

The sequel titled Again, Rachel is bound to be a bestseller.

Fans of Keyes were delighted by the news.

One shared: “Absolutely delighted with this news. I have returned to that book many times.”

“I cannot wait! Hopefully, I’ll be catching up with Rachel on a sunbed,” one added.

Another fan said: “It will be my birthday present to myself next Feb.”

The synopsis reads: “Rachel is back! Back in Ireland. Back in The Cloisters—as a counsellor, thankfully, not a client. And back to face the demons of her past as the man she has tried very hard to forget returns and all her certainties, of life, love and family, wobble…”

Rachel’s Holiday was originally published in 1997 and became a huge hit in Ireland and around the world.

PMJ will publish a new edition of Rachel’s Holiday on November 11th, 2021.

Penguin Michael Joseph will publish Again, Rachel on February 17, 2022.

We certainly cannot wait to read Again, Rachel when it hits bookshops next year.