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01st Oct 2021

Molly-Mae Hague needs a second surgery to treat her endometriosis

Sarah McKenna Barry

The TV personality shared that she will be documenting her experience.

Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague has told her fans that she will have to undergo more surgery to treat her endometriosis.

Molly-Mae has been open about her experience with the painful condition. In her latest vlog, she shared that she will be undergoing a procedure next week.

She said: “I have another operation next week which I am going to be documenting. That’s my endometriosis surgery which I’ve been having so many questions about.

“I didn’t vlog this one because it was a lot to take in. I literally conquered my two biggest fears in one day. When I tell you I had to have that cannula thing shoved in my hand, that is my biggest fear.”

In the video, the Love Island star spoke about her latest operations, which saw the removal of lumps in her breast and finger. The lumps will now be sent for testing.

She said: “I had a little lump removed from my left boob and a lump removed from my finger.

“The finger one was really weird, it’s been there for a while. It was like a really prominent hard lump that stuck out of my finger.”

Molly-Mae added: “They’ve sent both lumps off for testing and I’m 100% sure they’re going to be fine because I’d already had a biopsy on the one on my boob and they said it was fine and the one on my finger – I’m hopeful it’s gonna be fine.”

The TV personality has talked about her experience with endometriosis in the past. Recently, she compared the pain to being in labour.

She said: “I obviously I don’t know what labour feels like but they are at a point where I literally can’t stand up.

“I’m literally screaming in pain, no painkiller will make me feel any better, I have to take days and days off work.

“I feel like I have literally been in a car crash after I’ve been on my period – it’s just not normal.”