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05th Jan 2023

Molly Mae reveals what she’ll miss most about pregnancy

Kat O'Connor

“You never feel lonely”

Molly Mae is set to give birth to her first child, a baby girl, in the coming weeks and she’s feeling pretty overwhelmed as her due date gets closer.

The mum-to-be spoke out about what she will miss most about pregnancy and her answer is so heartwarming.

In a recent YouTube video, Molly Mae said she never felt lonely during her pregnancy because her little girl was always with her.

She told her viewers;

“I think I’ll really miss the feeling of having a little person inside me that survives off me and it sounds really, really cringy and I will literally end on this but when you’re pregnant, you never feel lonely.

“Like you literally never feel alone. Why am I getting choked up saying that? What the hell? You never feel lonely like you’re always with someone.”

She continued, “And that is like such a special feeling like when I’m at the house by myself or like when I’m here and I’m home alone or whatever or Tommy’s nipped out or whatever or I never ever feel lonely or by myself.”

The Love Island star is due to give birth at the end of this month.

Molly revealed she was pregnant with her and Tommy Fury’s first child in September. The couple later revealed they were expecting a baby girl.

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