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15th Apr 2024

The wooden spoon trick hailed by Molly-Mae for helping Bambi reach milestone

Sophie Collins

Molly-Mae and Bambi

This wooden spoon trick helped Bambi to stand “without holding on”

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury recently said they were overjoyed after their daughter Bambi achieved a significant milestone in her development.

Born in January 2023, almost four years after the pair met on Love Island, Bambi has been a source of immense joy for the happy couple.

Molly-Mae, known for sharing glimpses of her motherhood journey with her fans, recently announced on Saturday that Bambi could now stand unaided, marking a major milestone in her growth.

Explaining how they helped their little one along, Molly-Mae said: “Finally, standing without holding on. Someone told me to put a wooden spoon in her hand, it worked!”

“Have you tried the wooden spoon trick? You give him the spoon handle to walk with instead of your hand, and you hold the other end, then when he’s not looking you let go of your end. 

“I’ve never tried it but a friend said it works!” It certainly did for little Bambi.”

The couple’s excitement over their daughter’s progress comes alongside another revelation. During a Q&A session with her followers on social media, Molly-Mae said that they had considered the name “Brandy” for their next born, although they decided against it in the end due to its similarity to Bambi. 

Expressing her fondness for unique names, Molly-Mae also reflected on the challenges of choosing boys’ names.

In response to questions about her experience with motherhood as Bambi transitions into her toddler years, Molly-Mae said it has been an amazing journey.

She shared: “Motherhood now is everything I dreamt it would be… The older she gets, the more amazing each day is.” 

Molly-Mae candidly discussed the initial challenges of the first six months but emphasised that her confidence and happiness have grown with time, debunking some of her fans’ fears that parenting only becomes more difficult.