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08th Mar 2024

Una Healy gives sweet update on her children’s new baby sister

Kat O'Connor

Una Healy shares two children with Ben Foden

Ben Foden and Una Healy have been successfully co-parenting their two children since their break-up in 2018.

Since the end of their relationship, Ben Foden has re-married and now has two daughters with his wife Jackie Belanoff-Smith.

The couple welcomed a baby girl named Olympia this January. They’re also parents to another daughter named Farrah who was born in 2020.

Despite living in America, the dad still has a strong bond with his two older children, Aoife and Tadgh.

However, the siblings have not yet met their youngest sibling, but Una Healy recently revealed there are plans in place for this.

She told Evoke: “No, they haven’t met their little sister yet. Her name is Olympia. She’s very little ’cause she was only born in January.”

“They’re seeing their dad next week. It’s Aoife’s birthday next week and Ben’s back for one of the England games, the Internationals are next weekend so they’re going to go over and see him in Cheshire and see all their family.”

Una explained that he won’t have baby Olympia with him because he will have to work.

However, the mum-of-two confirmed her children will likely meet their new little sister in the summer.

“They’ll definitely meet her during the summer when they spend the few weeks in America with him!”

Her son and daughter are flying out to America for a few weeks so they can spend time with their dad.



Una Healy