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10th Jan 2023

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are expecting their second child together

Sarah McKenna Barry

Huge congratulations are in order.

The Vampire Diaries stars Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are expecting their second child together.

Nikki shared the happy news with a photo of her holding her daughter on Instagram. In the picture, you can see her baby bump.

Her caption read: “2023 celebrating life (…) Years of dreaming, manifesting, and praying over this very moment. So much love. What a gift.”

She continued: “As all of you know, I have very strong boundaries with social media, especially when it comes to children and what I choose to put out into the world. Thank you so much for honoring that, and for sending positivity and kindness, and LOVE. Some things are too good not to share :).”

Ian also posted the photo on his Instagram grid and asked for fans to send them positivity.

He wrote: “All I’ve ever wanted from the time I was a young boy was to have a big family. Thank you, Nik for giving me that gift. ROUND TWO HERE WE GO!!!!! Thank you to this incredible human for the gift of life and love, for being the most incredible mom, and working so hard to make dreams come true!!! When I was taking this photo, I could not believe what I was seeing through that viewfinder. There’s nothing more beautiful…”

He added: “All I ask is that everyone sends positivity to Nik & I during this time. The social space can be a strange one, but we can also make it a great one.”

Nikki and Ian got married in 2015 before welcoming their first child Bodhi two years later. They currently live on a farm outside Los Angeles.

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