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06th Aug 2021

Paris Hilton opens up about fertility treatment and hopes for motherhood

She recently denied pregnancy reports, saying she’s waiting until after her wedding.

Paris Hilton has opened up about her hopes for becoming a mother and the process of getting there.

The socialite and media personality revealed she wants to take her own mother’s supportive, playful nature with her into parenting children she hopes to have with her fiancé, Carter Reum.

As reported by FemaleFirst, she said: “I want to be like my mom – like their best friend, where they feel like they can come and talk to me about anything. Very supportive and fun and playful.”

Paris’ mother, Kathy Hilton, has been showing said silly side on the current season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, on which she stars as a “friend of” the main cast.

“I can’t wait just to do all the fun kid things together and have amazing birthday parties for them,” Paris continued. “Celebrate Santa Claus for Christmas and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and just all of those really cute, special moments.

“I just want my children to feel so loved and so lucky and happy.”

Paris, who recently denied pregnancy reports, also opened up about the process of extracting her eggs in order to try IVF.

“I hate needles and shots and having to inject yourself several times a day,” she said. “It’s just painful and uncomfortable, and I hated that part.

“But I’m so happy that we did it. We have tons of eggs and all of the kids ready to go.”

She previously told Delish magazine that undergoing fertility treatments was a “very emotional” process, but that she felt “so safe” thanks to her “amazing partner.”