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29th Mar 2022

Today FM’s Paula MacSweeney announces pregnancy

The radio presenter’s family is about to get bigger.

Today FM’s Paula MacSweeney is pregnant with her third child.

The radio DJ confirmed the news on Instagram this afternoon.

She shared the joyous news with her followers.

The soon-to-be mum-of-three said she is feeling blessed to be expecting again.

Alongside a photo of her in a wetsuit, the mum said she feels incredibly lucky.

She is due to give birth to her third child in the Autumn.

“The human submarine is back!” she wrote.

“We’ll be moving from man-to-man to zone defence later on this year… and I am SO glad the water is getting a little bit milder because this is the only wetsuit that has fit me since around week 9.”

She continued, “We are so happy! Roll on – when else?! – autumn!”

Paula added, “Again, honourable mention to my right Fallopian tube. Absolute hero.”

The radio presenter is already a mum to two children- Roddy and Pixie.

Fans of the popular host showered her with messages after the announcement.

One wrote, “Aww massive Congrats Paula to you and Aidan & of course Roddy & Pixie.”

One mum shared, “Congratulations! You look amazing! Three is defo a game-changer. Hope the pregnancy is going well.”

Another added, “Many congrats Paula! Be taking over the town at this stage!!”

One mum-of-three said, “Many congrats to you all! I have three all close together and it’s busy, but great fun. They do keep each other entertained.”

Huge congratulations to Paula. We can’t wait to find out what name she chooses for her third baby.